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Wellness & PERS Pendants

ProSec Alarm Wellness offers secure and cost-effective options for independent living with comfort, security, and safety.

Access Control Systems

ProSec’s Wellness Program gives you the ability to keep track of your loved ones when you can’t be there to watch over them every minute of every day.  With the use of monitoring devices such as motion detectors, cameras, chair and bed sensors you have the ability to monitor your loved ones movements and daily home activities, while giving them the independence they want and deserve.  

Peace of mind with monitoring, alerts and more! With Alarm.com’s Wellness Activity Monitoring Program, (click here for more info), Family members and caregivers can monitor their loved-one’s activity, such as how much time is spent in bed, in a favorite chair or out of the house. And, with intelligent sensors to track and learn the home’s activities of daily living, Wellness can identify anomalies that may signify a problem.

ProSec’s PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) Program 
provides a wearable communications or signaling device, giving your loved one the peace of mind that help is only a moment away.  We offer in-home systems and mobile (cellular enabled), systems that travel with you while on the go.  

Trust ProSec to  provide a safety net that provides a more complete view of a loved one’s well-being, and delivers automatic, real-time alerts and instant communication in the event of an emergency.  

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When to consider Wellness

  • Your family members want to stay home as they age, but want the security of knowing someone is watching out for them.
  • You worry that something has happened when your aging family member doesn’t stay in touch.
  • A family member has had a recent illness that requires some extra care, but can’t afford expensive assisted living.
  • You want a safety net for active and healthy aging family members.

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On-The-Go Safety
Completely mobile PERS on the largest cellular network with GPS and network location services providing an approximate location and location history

Libris Has the Most Advanced Fall Detection
Detects falls with utmost accuracy and minimized false alarms. Our fall detection methods are based on multiple motion sensors and proprietary algorithms. Libris mPERS solution can often notify the monitoring center of a fall, even if the individual is unable to activate the button themselves.

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